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WestPark High School

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9/16/19: Finalized logos released!

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Aerial shot of the neighborhood taken on 7/8/19.



Becky Guzman hired as West Park High School Principal.









Residents of WestPark are thrilled at the construction of the long awaited West Park High School (opening 2020). Home of the West Park High School Panthers!! The school colors will be navy blue and gold. This page will provide you updates and resources on the construction progress, boundaries, and information on this new school.

Building C_2_with fences Building C_5_with fences Building C_6_with fences






A principal will be hired to lead the staffing, preparation, furnishing and program development for the school starting in July of 2019. The school will open with approximately 600 ninth and tenth graders in 2020. A grade level will be added each of the following two years.

Fly Through Video

Boundary Map

School Site Plan







Construction Photos:

Taken 8/15/19

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Taken 2/22/19