Home Buyer Preferences

Purchasing a home is a huge life decision. Various home features and your personal preferences determine how we search for your next home. This sheet helps you communicate which features are most important to you, so I can narrow down our house hunting search. When we discuss your preferences, I will be asking you to put things in the following categories:

  • Must Haves – The home must have these things. If it doesn’t, don’t bother showing it to me. Examples: 3-car garage, pool, RV parking, 4-bedrooms, etc. Whatever is top of your list should be here. This list should be small, and reasonable for your budget and location.
  • Nice to Have – These are things you would love to have, but are have more wiggle room. These are the items that will likely lead to compromise. Examples: separate dining room, dedicated home office that isn’t a bedroom, storage shed, etc.
  • Bonus – These are the features that might not be realistic to your budget/location, but boy, what a bonus if we can find them! Examples: a garage in downtown San Francisco, pool for the a smaller budget, game room, 4-car garage, etc.

Download the buyer preference sheet here.