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Creekview Elementary School (C-80)

As part of the Creekview Specific Plan, a new elementary school named Creekview (parcel C-80) will be constructed to help relieve Fiddyment Farms Elementary. The school is located south of Holt Parkway, east of Westbrook Boulevard, and adjacent to a neighborhood park site to create opportunities for joint use of recreation facilities. The school site will be accessed from the southerly or easterly directions on Clay Creek Drive or Creekpark Drive. The school is planned to be a two-story facility. Creekview will serve grades K-5 and the school site is shown in the MAP.


Middle school students will attend either Cooley Middle School or Chilton Middle School, based on the school boundary maps at the time of opening. High school students will attend WestPark Hight School. Facility planning and the timing of development of the site will be determined by the RCSD and has yet to be announced.


Creekview Elementary School Boundary Map

park c-60


School Plan CSP Sept 2019Adjacent to the school will be a large neighborhood park. Facilities in the park include active ball fields for baseball and soccer as well as a turfed play area, play structure and seating areas. Pedestrian and bicycle paths will connect through the park. Although Park C-60 and the adjacent elementary school are located at the intersection of Westbrook Boulevard and Holt Parkway, vehicular access will be provided from Creekpark Drive on the south side of the park. Parking will be shared by the park and school.

There will be three additional parks constructed in Creekview that will include sand volleyball courts, basketball, children’s play areas, soccer fields and even creek viewing area. Pedestrian/bicycle paths will extend to all the parks.